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IRS Tax Attorneys Representing Milwaukee Taxpayers

Tax attorneys Milwaukee WI

At Milwaukee Pure Tax Resolution, we have a team of licensed IRS tax attorneys that work directly with Milwaukee individuals and businesses to negotiate with the IRS to resolve tax problems of any kind.  Our tax attorneys are required to offer professional tax settlement strategies with a personal touch, that is the Pure Tax Resolution difference.

Communication and Confidentiality

Only licensed tax attorneys enjoy the attorney-client privilege, which offers our Milwaukee clients peace of mind knowing they can fully disclose their information with 100% confidentiality. Because certain tax cases may manifest into criminal violations, it is vital that you are protected by the privilege that comes with representation by our trustworthy and licensed tax attorneys.

Expert IRS Negotiation

A big part of a tax attorney's training and field experience is the ability to negotiate with the IRS using the proper channels. With the IRS having unrelenting power to collect what is owed to them, it's important to know that a tax attorney has the ability to negotiate with the IRS to achieve the proper tax settlements.

Not Intimidated

Possessing the knowledge and experience of tax law and IRS negotiations, our Milwaukee tax attorneys will not be intimidated by the IRS. Your tax attorney understands the tax code as well as, or better than, the IRS representatives they are dealing with, and know how to pursue the proper channels to properly settle all tax debt problems. Further, our tax attorneys have the power to represent clients in Tax Court, and since the IRS does not generally like cases to go to Tax Court, this gives our clients the leverage to settle tax problems without going to Tax Court.

Ethics & Customer Service

Our tax attorneys are subject to the rules of professional conduct, and subject to discipline by state Bar Associations. In addition, they are trained to offer top-notch customer service to our clients, available when you need them.

Free Consultations

The tax attorneys of Pure Tax Resolution can help you resolve your IRS tax problems and provide you with the exclusive advantages that the faceless "1-800" tax firms cannot.  Don’t trust your financial welfare to an amateur.  Contact us for a free consultation with our tax attorneys (262) 299-6009.

Pure Tax Resolution Team

 The Pure Tax Resolution team

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